Lab Members

image of DSN Lab
image of DSN Lab
image of DSN Lab
image of current PhD students

We took some photos of the whole DSN lab, including Professor Yair Amir, current and past PhD students: Sahiti Bommareddy, Tom Tantillo, Amy Babay, Daniel Obenshain, Cristina Nita-Rotaru , post-doc Marco Platania, summer 2015 interns Trevor Aron and Ned Duhaime, MSE student Jeff Dalla Tezza and other graduate/undergraduate students from the courses.

Check the People page to see all our current and past members.

image of DSN Lab
image of DSN Lab
image of DSN Lab
image of DSN Lab


image of Malone Hall

Our lab moved into its current home in Malone Hall in July 2014, right after the building was completed. We were previously located in Croft Hall (formerly known as the New Engineering Building).

The photo on the left shows a view of Malone Hall from the Decker Quad.

The photo on the right shows our lab from the outside: it is located in the corner on the second floor, where the open windows are in the picture.

image of Malone Hall


image of DSN lab

The DSN Lab is located in room 207 of Malone Hall. Come see us any time!

image of DSN lab
image of DSN lab entrance
image of DSN lab
image of DSN lab


image of Amy with the clusters

Amy with the clusters

image of our clusters

Our clusters

image of our newest servers

Our newest servers

image of more servers

More servers

image of mail and file servers

Mail and file servers

image of PlanetLab machines

PlanetLab machines we host


image of installing our new cluster

Installing the new cluster

image of Daniel Obenshain's defense

Daniel Obenshain's Defense

image of Daniel Obenshain's PhD hooding 1
image of Daniel Obenshain's PhD hooding 2

Daniel Obenshain's PhD Hooding

Older Photos

Older photos can be found here.

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